Personal Narrative: My First Day At Tree Hill High School

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September 7th, a gloomy day outside. I just had started my first day at Tree Hill High. This is where I stood over in the corner of a hallway with Brooke and Peyton; my best friends. The school year was going just fine for me until I started receiving these horrible instant messages. At first they really weren’t that big of a deal. Who ever it was, was making fun of me and it was continuing worse day by day. So I decided to delete my Instagram and make a new one the only people I had told that I made a new instagram was Peyton and Brooke. About a week later when I was laying across my bed listening to music I noticed that I had received another Instagram message. I didn't think, but for a second. I noticed that it was the same person. I was completely shocked. How did this person get my Instagram again? …show more content…

“Someone keeps sending me horrible messages on Instagram from an unknown user, and I don’t like it.” Allison told them while looking at the ground. I saw that Brooke was on her phone during lunch, so I decided to lean in and look what she was doing. I saw Brooke direct messaging someone. I asked her “Who are you messaging?” while I was sitting there confused. “It’s not you so why should it matter?” Brooke replied. The bell had rang, so we had gone back to

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