Personal Narrative: My Hero's Journey

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I jump out of the car excitedly and call to my dad even though he was right next to me. “Dad, We need to go inside the building to get the greens fee.” We stroll to the player shop. I look around at all of the leaves turning yellow, orange, and red. I observe a frog along the side of the lake where we were walking. I could not conclude what I witnessed walking to the player shop I can taste the crisp air as it passes through my mouth. I could not just imagine what it would be like on the course. We enter the player shop and wander to the desk where you get the greens fee. I smell the fresh aroma of hot dogs as they cook behind the food counter. A man approaches us and asks us how many holes we are going to do. I asked the man if I could get a gatorade from behind the counter. “How many holes will you do today?” “9 holes please.” My dad states. “Would you like to have a golf cart.” the man utters in a deep voice The man handed us a key escorted us out of the shop. He shows us the golf cart we can have. The golf cart had a narrow scratch in the seat, the back had the numbers “112” on it. I could feel the air as it passes through my hand just like it is a ghost. I guessed there was hundreds of golf carts there considering there is a giant shed close to our parked car.I …show more content…

I ready my stance again… And this time I am going to hit the ball I think. I slowly bring my driver back, and accelerate the club forward to hit the ball. I watch the ball glide through the air with a sort of glare in my sun glasses. It lands and rolls to where the is probably 200 yards to the pin. My dad ambly walks over the the tee box where I had put my tee. He slowly placed his ball on top of the tee. He lazily moves the club back, He quickly thrusted forward with his knees to have the ball go about 150 yards. It rolled to where it was about 200 yards from the

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