Personal Narrative: My Journey To Miami

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My Story “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” Robert Frost. There were many paths that I could have traveled, but the path that I am on has led me to Miami. There were many choices, events and people that led me to come to Miami. One of those is that my parents raised me in Wisconsin and I wanted to get the hell out of the frozen tundra. Another is that I wanted to try something new and I wasn’t going to get that at a state school. However, three main pillars of my life led me to Miami, and those are my family, my athletics and my academics. Out of the three, the most boring one is easily my academics. Miami is a very prestigious school, which is one reason I …show more content…

Being a public ivy is very high class, and is one of the better schools that any of my peers from my high school went to. The only way I was able to get in here though, was with good grades and hard work. While that is pretty simple, I couldn’t have done it without some amazing teachers. My math teacher, Mr. Cullen, was my teacher for AP calculus my junior year and differential equations and linear algebra my senior year. These are extremely difficult subjects but Mr. Cullen made it fun and I was able to really master these two subjects. I know that coming into Miami, I have a great math base to call on. My other great teachers were a husband and wife pair of Mr. and Mrs. Pollock. They both headed up the chemistry department of my school and were amazing teachers as well. Mrs. Pollock taught me AP chemistry and Mr. Pollock taught me organic chemistry. Again like Mr. Cullen,

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