Personal Narrative: My Libertarian Ideology

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“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”-Albert Camus Life is hard, but it's not like you didn't already know that. We all experience our own unique blend of struggles in the uphill battle we call life. And it often seems like a fools errand to take on more problems than we already have on our plate. After all, only a fool would want to take on more adversity to try and overcome. Right? We all have our fair share of shit to put up with and often it can become all too easy to lose sight of the big picture. I admit that at times I am unable to see the forest through the trees. It is extremely difficult to set our problems to the side and try and alleviate the suffering of others. When speaking with others about my Libertarian ideology I find myself running into the same barrier over and over again. People seem hesitant to embrace the truth because it is difficult to accept the massive amount of cruelty in the institutions that all too many of us have come to accept as legitimate. I also concede that it is hard when something comes in conflict with our worldview. The more I come to learn about the world we live in, the more I have had to adjust my views to fit reality. It is especially hard when the reality is that the authority we once placed our …show more content…

Even though it is hard to accept that evil is among us and highly esteemed by the masses, how beautiful is it that we have the opportunity to help liberate those around us. It is hard to accept that there are children who will go to bed hungry tonight, but would you not receive pleasure from giving one of these kids a meal to eat? It is no different with the state. While the State is the most erroneous and insidious institution to have ever existed, how awesome is it that we Libertarian's are helping to tear it

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