Personal Narrative: My Migration To The United States

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To My Parents I am an immigrant. The word that Donald Trump hates. The set of people that receives many blames for crimes or mischief. But after all, thats me. I am like any other person who gets blamed, I am an immigrant. People immigrate to the United States for many reasons such as to escape poverty, hard conditions, or even to achieve “the American Dream,” but my parents didn’t move to the United States because of any of those reasons. They came for me and my brother. I immigrated here from South Korea. Like any Asian stereotype, Asians are thought to be smart. But the reason and backstory of why they are smart is because of the endless amount of tutoring classes and extracurricular classes they take. In South Korea, most middle school students take part in more than seven after school classes a week. They usually come home at 9:00pm and study until 1:00am. Because Korean students are expected to do well in school, …show more content…

As I saw the world of America as soon we landed, I knew that I had an opportunity to succeed if I tried my best. My mom, my dad, my brother; no one knew how to speak English. We had to get help from my aunt to find a house and fill in the application for attending school. I attended Strawberry Point Elementary School in San Francisco without knowing any English. I was scared, yet determined to succeed. My teachers were so nice and helped me after school for 30 minutes every day. The students were nice and I learned to participate in class. I was a bright girl so I knew how to make friends. I was in ELD (English language development) until first grade. I attended preschool in Korea and first grade in America. I started to speak fluently in English by second grade, so I wasn’t put into another ELD class. My mom attended an English learning class to try to learn English. My parents were gradually learning English, little by little. But then again. they were learning for

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