Education Vs American Parenting

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Parenting it is a term and it is the ultimate long-term investment – parenting is the process of actively providing a safe, secure for your children.
How to raise your child and how to prepare them for their adult life is not something that is universally agreed upon, or done the same way around the world. Parenthood is hard and the point is to be good parents for their own children. How to be good parents is culturally determined, and Chinese children are not necessarily raised the same way as American children. Well, the set of values used in connection with parenting and education by Chinese parents and American parents have more differences than similarities. What really seems to be universally agreed upon is that all parents want their …show more content…

Well, it is common to think of learning as something that takes place in school, for some people learning is more than sitting in a classroom listening to what teacher has to say. One of the big problems in the United States is that high school student is more stressed than ever before. The school system in the United States is also based on freedom of choice. As an exchange student, English and American history are the only compulsory subjects. Well, one of the biggest advantages of the American school system is the great flexibility. Students are disciplined and they are willing to do their homework for hours. These attentions on the tests are really a big issue in the American education system, but by making the tests fewer importance students all over America will have the chance to succeed better in life no matter the social status the family might have. In addition, with so much focus on these tests and the preparation on the test schools are teaching the students how to do the tests rather than increasing their creativity. The United States has one traditional belief and value, which …show more content…

Whenever, the students would be able to do projects that inspire their creativity and learn them to solve real would problems.
The hard work is important both in Chinese culture and American culture, but the Chinese seem to take it to the next level, according to Amy Chua that everybody can learn anything if they only work hard at it. An example her daughter got 10 grade in math, even it is not her favorite subjects, but Amy Chua pushed her two daughters to be good in school, and she gave her daughters a lot of homework’s to be ready to the math tests and others tests too. Asian students outcomes the rest of the world. China, Japan, and South Korea have some of the worst suicide rates.
The reason why Amy Chua was so hard on her children was because; she had experienced it with her own parents. Amy Chua believes that it helped her to become strong and confident and will pass it on her own daughters. In conclusion, all parents want their children to grow up strong, happy and confident and they want also believe the correct

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