Personal Narrative: My Mom's Surgery

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Consistently for a few weeks last October, I was able to hear my parents talk about my mom 's multiple visits to the doctor. Every time I heard them talk, I listened carefully while I was doing homework in my bedroom. I was always concerned that something was wrong because of all those doctor visits. Finally, I heard the heart wrenching news of why my mom was constantly visiting the doctor. My mom had developed breast cancer.

Early in November, we scheduled my mom to have surgery on November 20th, about three days before Thanksgiving. My aunt flew out to us to help around the house and to help my mom when coming home from the hospital. Everyone in the family was on edge. I was already stressed from the junior years school workload, but now I had my mom and her surgery to think and stress about, too. …show more content…

I wanted to stay in the hospital to wait for my mom to get out of surgery but both my parents said their wish was for me to still attend school that day. It was very tough to focus in school, but I know I still tried my hardest. The week of her surgery, I distanced myself from friends and cried when no one was around while holding onto my phone for when my dad would text me with updates on how she was doing.

My mom 's surgery was very successful, and she finally came home the day before Thanksgiving. My family and I usually don 't do much for Thanksgiving. We usually go out to a friend 's house for a small party to celebrate the holiday; but that year, we had to skip the party.

Since I thought that we couldn 't go to the party that year, I thought, why not bring the party to us! So my aunt and I planned everything. During the dinner, my mom barely ate, which was very understandable, but she enjoyed everything we prepared, despite her loss of appetite and taste of

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