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Personal Narrative My freshman year of high school, during basketball season, I injured my knee while playing in a home game versus Paola. I ended up tearing my acl and meniscus in my right knee, resulting in a surgery and a lot of therapy. I loved playing basketball and it was my favorite sport, but ever since I injured myself I haven’t felt the same way about the sport. During the game which I suffered my injury I caught the ball midair around half court. While I was still in the air I went to make a move, but when I landed on the court I heard a popping noise and my knee buckled. I was then on the ground when I heard the whistle blow and saw Coach Friesen and Coach Conley running over to me. At first I thought that my calf was injured but there was an intense pain coming from it, but it eventually faded and I realized my knee was the real problem. Coach Conley helped me over to the bench and was …show more content…

During this time I missed a football season and another basketball season. The only physical activities I could do were the ones I was given by my therapist. Therapy was high-maintenance and was no fun at all. My injury to my knee has affected my life tremendously. It made things harder to access, due to the wheelchair and crutches. I wasn’t able to work or do many things with friends, which lead to me finding out who were my true friends and who would stick with me. Getting to school became a hassle for my mother since I couldn’t drive. I also have gotten messed with by my friends about missing sports. With my injury I got a lot of free time and missed out on many things, but I also received the gift of time to find myself and understand who I truly am. Although my injury has been mostly a bad thing, there are always positive things in life. Everything happens for a reason and sometimes you don’t realize a bad thing to you is really a good thing for you in the long

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