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Growing up in a Mexican household, the food we ate always had a spice to it. Whether the spice was on the side or already prepared in the food, my food always had a spice to it. My grandma’s favorite signature spice was her Pico De Gallo. Pico de Gallo also called salsa Fresca, is made from chopped tomato, onion, cilantro, fresh Serrano’s (jalapeños or habaneros are used as alternatives), salt, and key lime juice. At first I did not like Pico de Gallo because I couldn’t bear how spicy it was. My grandma noticed I would not eat the Pico De Gallo, therefore she decided to make the taste less spicy specifically for myself. Whenever my grandma would cook she always made sure to prepare Pico De Gallo. Because of my Grandma it is now in my family tradition to have Pic De Gallo whenever we cook or have dinner as a family. The Pico De Gallo brings my family together as one because it reminds us of my grandma. The Pico De Gallo will never leave sight of my family because it is the best memory we have of my Grandma. Eventually as I got older I began to make Pico De Gallo for myself with my own home cooked meals. I learned from my Grandma and Mom how to make Pico De Gallo. I don’t make the exact same Pico De Gallo as my Grandma or Mom but I do add the same…show more content…
Pico De Gallo originates from Mexico and it is unknown of the origin of the name. Also it is was assumed by people of Mexico that this salsa was eaten using the thumb and index finger, resembling the sting action of a rooster’s beak. Therefore that is why it is known as the Roosters Beak. Many may say that it was given because the ingredients’ colors look like the hues of the roosters’ feathers. The most common name as many know is called Pico De Gallo not Rooters Beak. There are many different ingredients and plants for this salsa. This includes Red or Green Onions (depends on the prefrence), tomatoes, Serrano peppers, Lime, and Coriander

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