Personal Narrative: Plant-Based Cooking

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In order to achieve a suitable set-up in my pantry to support plant-based cooking, I cleaned the shelves off, wiped them down, and checked for past due dates before restocking. I eliminated the processed cereals and soups, as well as, the olive, pecan and grape seed oils. Finally, I replenished the shelves using some items I already had and adding some new ones too. On the top shelf from left to right, I have 100% maple syrup, honey and molasses, Basmati and Jasmine brown rice, an assortment of canned beans (Garbanzos, black, pinto, & Cannellini) and tomatoes, and natural almond butter. With the second shelf I added citrus champagne, rice and aged balsamic vinegars. Included also on this shelf are red and baby Dutch yellow potatoes, Medjool

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