Personal Narrative: Searching For Prim

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I am currently trying to fall asleep in this cold and very uncomfortable tree. I can hear the pack of careers beneath me searching for a new prey. I 'm not worrying because I have my bow and they are too unskilled to climb this tree. I 'm glad I have the experience from hunting with you and my dad. I don 't know what I would have done without the skills you taught me. This has been hard but I promised Prim that I will try my hardest. I’m not going to give up, I can’t. I need to win for Prim, my mom, and for you. I think about what would have happened if we would have run away together, sometimes I wish I would have. I wonder if we would have gotten away with it and been able to survive, but then I think about our families. I know…show more content…
They have the most unique and terrifying ideas to get us to do what they want. I hate not having control of my life and deciding where I want to go and do. I miss the woods at home with you. I miss being able to do whatever we wanted and not always being paranoid that someone is following me. I want to be home with you and Prim and my mom. I hate always being alone. I met a girl named Rue from District 11. She reminded me so much of Prim. We even teamed up to take down the career tributes. While on the mission to destroy their supplies, she was lighting the fires that were used to distract the tributes. During that time I was making my way down to where the tributes stayed and stored their supplies. I shot an arrow at the pile and hit a bag of apples, which caused the bag to break and spill. One of the apples hit a landmine and exploded the whole pile. Once that was done I went to look for her at the spot we talked about. On my way there I heard her and went to her she was tied up in a net and then she was killed. Once that happened I knew that I really had to win, if not for myself or prim but for Rue too. She inspired me to fight more, and taught me different ways to go about doing things. She was so bright and brilliant I will never forget

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