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Difficulties from spondylolysis plagued me for years in my teens. When the discomfort first began, I presumptuously told myself I remained tough enough to continue to play baseball through the pain; however, the soreness worsened, I needed to wear a back brace, and required several months of rest to heal. The downtime proved almost as painful as the injury itself. I felt well after this recovery period, except just as physical therapy ended, the achiness returned; a CT scan revealed not one, but two unhealed fractures that needed to be surgically repaired. During the weeks after surgery, I relied on a walker, and my pessimistic attitude caused many mental obstacles, one of which questioned my capability to be the athlete I was prior to my injury. Once again, I harnessed up my inner …show more content…

My dedication paid off; I felt a remarkable sense of achievement as I gratefully received offers to play Division I baseball. Eventually, the demanding practices and repetitive workouts proved too much for my back to handle and requiring a daunting decision by me. In the past, I stoically persevered through my injuries by searching within; however, this felt different similar to a mental shortcoming. I sought advice from trusted individuals, and after consulting my family, teammates, and coaches, I chose health and academics over continuing my baseball career. Medical school is a long journey that will present numerous challenges and changes in course; I am confident in my capability to overcome inherent adversity and persist through this rigorous time while tolerating the emotional, mental, and physical demands that follow. I trust my instincts and am prepared to make imperative decisions that require thought and maturity. Importantly, I continue to learn to adapt; medical school will be a challenging experience, one I am ready

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