Personal Narrative: The Battle Of Antietam

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I picture myself in the battle called the antietam battle and we was facing the gettysburg i figure that it was going to be a great and tough one but we the antietam out number them we played smart, we dropped them one by one silently headshots , they didn’t know why there man was leaving so quickly they stopped and said wait a minute why our group is getting small ? One of the leaders said. I was a sniper man taking them out the good thing is they didn’t hear any gunshots all they saw was there man lying on the ground with blood on their skin one of their men was down the war lasted for a couple of weeks this is why the war didn’t last long like the other war did. 1(we had more men than they did) 2. Our beloved men was very silently. These was some of our goal and we accomplished another goal of ours was try not to get hit but i was afraid that this was one was not the perfect one . The war actually started for real we was called out by the …show more content…

That is an order yes sir, we will have the rest to keep firing i said in a aggressive voice move, move it the squad stay back fighting while me and the rest of the team was after there captain. There stupid captain was on the ground crawling trying to escape. HE was trying to explain before he take this bullet in his thick skull. Ok! The captain said let me explain we was taking revenge on you guys because you, you gu. Then he was dead i didn’t get the chance to blast him anymore he took his last breathe we won the battle that day his pity men surrender ok just don’t kill us we surrender said the leader you guys won you have us now . 4 years past we made them prisoners for the rest of their lives while we our fellow brotherens celebrated . I’am the union soldier intill i

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