Personal Narrative: The Day I Joined The Army

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One of the most dramatic changes in my life happened the day I joined the Army. I was a young boy that thought I knew everything. I was ready to take on the world. Little did I know I was going to the one taken by surprise. The world I knew changed forever that day; however, the change was for the best. I went through a transformation from a boy into the man I am today.
The best part was meeting new people and making new friends. I learned a lot about how to be the best I can be and keep on the right track to be a better solider. When I was in basic training, I learned a plethora of skills. One of the most important was respect. The best change that occurred was I became more respectful; It became evident to me to respect those that deserved and insisted on it. Before I joined the Army, I was a back-talking, disrespectful and ungrateful kid. However, once I went into training I was force to show respect to my superiors. If I displayed rude or disrespectful behavior I was punished. Before the Army, I thought my parents were jerks. Now, I know better; I show them respect and do whatever they ask of me. My family took care of me which made it easy to take it for granted. In the Army, the Drill Sargent’s made me do work their way. They did not show me
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The Army changed me for the better. It taught me to treat others with respect; how I want to be treated. My physical body transformed from an unhealthy boy into a strong and healthy man. My laziness, which was one of my biggest faults, was removed, and the Army taught me the importance of hard work. The Army also taught me the value of saving money for the future. Although, those changes were great, the best part of my training was getting to meet new people. Learning how to make friends was the best skill I learned. Compared to my old life, I am now on track to being the best I can ever hope to be. The Army transformed me into the man I am

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