Personal Narrative-The Ice Skating Rink

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The Ice Skating Rink My mom call me from her computer and said ,“Do you want to go to the Ice Skating Rink?” I screamed “YES!” I raced down the hall, I almost fell. When I got to the living room I was already jumping up and down. My mom said to “Slow down.” And I knew what that meant so that is why I stopped; “Get dressed IF you want to go.” she said “ Of course I want to go, But I don’t know what to where?” I said. We Arrive “I can’t wait!” I said. I was shivering with excitement. Hey! What can I say It was my first time skating on ice. “Okay. Try these on.” My mom said the guy behind the counter came out to help me. While I tried the ice skates on I asked “How do you know it fits!” “When it fits you feel it.” He said. “Perfect fit!” I said. “Yup. It is. Now you know you know how to tell it fits!” He said standing up and going behind the counter. “Thank you.” I said waving by, because my mom had already put her ice skates on! I honestly thought it would take longer.…show more content…
The lady did a figure 8 and at the end she did a perfect triple axel, a good triple axel looks like a jump in the air and then you spin around 3 times and and land crouching with one foot in front and the other underneath you. Okay. Know that you know that. Let's get a move on with the story. When I was skating I fell down a few times, but when my mom went to get a drink I fell down with a loud

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