Personal Narrative: The Path Less Traveled

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File 4: "The Path Less Traveled"--- • How has all of your experiences and lessons in Costa Rica informed how you are as a leader who is unlike any other leader? My experiences here in Costa Rica have significantly shaped who I perceive myself to be as a leader. What I see in myself is that I am constantly looking out for those who oftentimes may receive the least attention. After many of the adventures and experiences that I encountered, there was one that will continue to stay in my heart for the remainder of my life. While staying with my host family, I would always try to talk to Mario, the son of my host parents who never got much attention. Actively engaging in conversations regarding his interests, such as football was one way in which I tried to talk to him. Even though at times it was challenging for me to communicate with him, I was still very determined to give him the attention that I thought he never truly received. I surpassed this challenge of a communication barrier by downloading a Spanish-English translation app on my phone to further enable me to speak with Mario. At the end of my stay, I found out that Mario had a rare condition that hindered him from being social, a characteristic that my host mother said had taken a toll on his mental health. She continued to tell me that no one ever talked to Mario and how she was grateful that I persistently made the effort to allow him …show more content…

Having the opportunity to put myself in a somewhat unfamiliar position, and help another person express them self was a remarkable experience that enabled me to see what type of leader I truly was outside of

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