Personal Narrative: When I Was In Medical School

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When I was in school, and every adult would ask the same question, that every child avoided answering just so they can hold on to their childhood a bit longer; I stood tall, knowing my answer. “When I grow up, I want to help others” I said, every single time. The biggest mistake I think I made was knowing that answer, because as I patiently waited for the future, I failed to recognize how difficult it would really be. Now, after years of medical school and no job, I fear that it’s to late to check if I even got the answer right. Slowly my eyes opened and my vision focused on the blank alarm clock on the bedside drawer. My eyes grew and my heart froze mid-beat as I realized that my power must have been shut off while I was asleep. As I leaped out of bed, I frantically searched for my phone, praying I hadn’t missed my job interview. “8:36” I had twenty-four minutes to get there, it wasn’t a lot but it was enough. Brushing my teeth and throwing my clothes on, I flung the refrigerator door …show more content…

Panicking, I jerked the old grey steering wheel, and the car swerved out of control. After what had felt like a lifetime of spinning, the car stopped so quickly, I knew it hit something, this was bad. Relieved I was able to step out of the car, I saw a man unconscious in the car adjacent to mine. Pulling him out, I saw a drop of blood drip past his dark brown hair and onto his chiselled jaw. Forgetting about my interview completely, I started pumping, being careful not to forget anything. “Thirty pumps to the chest, tilt the head up, blow into his mouth and repeat,” I said to myself as a constant reminder, until the ambulance had arrived. Rushing into the hospital, a wave of guilt smacked me like an invisible brick wall, “What if he isn’t going to be all

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