Personal Narrative: Why Women Think They Have It Harder Than Women

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Tired of women complaining that they have it harder than men? I saw some guys complaining about this on a forum, and it was very interesting to me, because even though they meant it in a "Shut up and stop complaining!" way, they were really opening themselves up to find out exactly why women think they have it harder than men!

I realize that there are many areas where men have it harder than women. For instance, they are ridiculed when they claim they are abused by a woman. But the term 'It 's a man 's world ' didn 't just pop up from nowhere.

It 's important for guys to understand that women really do struggle with many things in life because of their gender.

In the following video, that approaches the topic, you can see how some people, …show more content…

Usually, this happens with older men in positions of power where you need to interact with them for a solution, such as a boss, doctor, or even a car mechanic.

For example, my husband was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. When we went to see the doctor, I had a lot more questions than my husband. The doctor actually ignored me on occasion, so my husband had to ask the question for me. Moreover, the doctor answered my questions by looking at my husband. It was frustrating, to say the least considering that it was a very hard time for me and my husband. Moreover, it made me feel like I was less than a person as the doctor considered the man beside me more capable of understanding and worthy to talk to than me.

Another example? We have a mechanic that my husband has to deal with. If I even try to talk to the guy, he won 't respond to my questions or concerns. I 'm not talking about short answers, I 'm talking about ignoring me completely. I guess he thinks it 's a waste of his time to even acknowledge me. But, my husband can ask the exact same questions and this guy will …show more content…

For instance, in one study where men and women were shown images that arouse positive or negative emotional reactions, women had activity in their anterior inusla cortex, which results in deep emotion experienced in their body. Men showed neural responses in the visual cortex, which caused them to shift the impact of emotion away from themselves. Source

Yet, men can yell, get angry, throw things around, and be aggressive, and it 's perfectly acceptable. But, if a woman gets upset, she is labeled as weak or out of control. Why?

Men can cry and it shows how sad they really are. But if a woman cry 's she is being a 'typical woman ' or a crybaby.

Why are women ridiculed for their emotions and men are allowed to act however they want? Why do women have to be loving and comforting as their men act out and be aggressive, but be put down as they act out?

Unfortunately too many women hide their real emotions for fear of being judged, and when that happens, unhappiness and lack of fulfillment are the results.

And that 's another reason women think they have it harder than men - they are often left unfulfilled because they are

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