Personal Narrative: My Trip To My School

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I SAW THE WEIRDEST THING A year ago, i got sent from my school to attended a summer school program in Sydney, Australia. When I’m arrived at the school, I have no friends at all. I went to the canteen alone, i walked in the hallway alone and I did everything by myself until I met these very charming boy. I did not know everything about him, not even a single nickname. I saw him sat by himself across the room, wrote something on his notebook and he had his water bottle next to him. Normally, people would fill their water bottle with a mineral water, but he put a pink liquid in it. Without even realizing, I stared at him for about a minutes and when I was start to realized my behavior, he called my name. I have no idea how did he knew me, but I walked over him. Dan is his nickname, we went to the same English class on Monday, and he noticed that I’m always alone. By the time, I got more closer to him and I found out that the pink liquid in his water bottle is a strawberry milk. I did not asks him about the strawberry milk because he seems not very comfortable to talked about it. Later on in the class, the teacher got me paired with Dan for a biology project.…show more content…
My first impression about Dan’s place is just blew my mind. His wall room coated with a soft pastel pink color, his bed is so neat with a pink bed sheet also and Dan has a collection of a tons of body lotion with strawberry flavored, of course. I have no judgement towards Dan’s thing at all but I did asked him what was going on in his place, but right after I asked him, Dan started to cry. I told him that there is nothing wrong with his behavior but i just wanted to know about him and all of his thing. And, Dan began to
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