Personal Opinion Essay: Why Hockey Is The Most Physical Sport

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Hockey is hands down one of the most physical sports maybe even the most physical. A lot of people that don’t know much about sports will automatically say that football is the most physical sport because it’s known for its contact. Hockey is also an contact sport there’s a lot of pushing and shoving. One would say so what’s there’s a lot of pushing in shoving in basketball and football. Little do they know that in hockey there are mini boxing matches in some hockey games. You are allowed to throw multiple punches at your opponents. Of course there are many rules, regulations, and restrictions on fighting but its actually apart of the game. So which sport do you think is the most physical?
Of course to real hockey fans they love watching hockey because they love the game of hockey but I’m pretty sure that they also love the fighting part of the game. I feel that allowing the fighting in hockey is an huge marketing tool for various reasons. One reason I feel that way is because a lot of people love to see action and to see action and the game that you love is just a plus. For example I’m pretty sure that big boxing fans started watching hockey a little if not a lot after they found out the fist fighting became apart of the game. So that alone I think helped the hockey market because that’s gaining more fans that leads to more television views which overall leads to expanding the sport as a whole. Some people may say that people won’t even watch hockey if it wasn’t …show more content…

A lot of factors go into how people view the sport as a whole and if it was different circumstances hockey could be less of a popular sport or have less attention by America’s society. As expressed I feel that hockey uses fighting as an marketing tool to make their brand bigger and the only way fighting wouldn’t expands hockey was if it was primary played by the younger generations of Americas

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