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My diverse life experiences have helped me realize that I possess the determination, resilience, mental strength and compassion to succeed as a valuable asset to a medical team. As an enthusiastic 10 year old, I started working as a scout and came in contact with likeminded young children from different regions of India- building camps, hiking, sharing knowledge, learning first aid principles and simulating them in virtual emergency situations. This was my first experience as a “health care provider” which was a stepping stone for my journey towards medicine. During those camps, I started imagining how gratifying it would be to treat real patients. Being among the top 0.1% students of the country in biology in 12th standard further strengthened …show more content…

Behind the countless chief complaints presented to me were real people, each with a story that shaped who they were and how they had come to that point in their lives. My curiosity and patience in learning about each patient’s background helped me better treat each individual. It would have been unknown that the patient presenting with anemia and weight loss was actually a 65 year old male with chronic mesenteric ischemia, who stopped taking meals for his fear of postprandial pain, if I would have not known that he had an attack of MI five years back and his father also had similar complaints. My curiosity peaked; the more I learned, the more I wanted to learn. The experience of assisting my attending physicians in various procedures like endoscopy and colonoscopy as a resident in Gastroenterology department and echocardiography as a resident in Cardiology department, continued to challenge me to learn the art and science of medicine. While managing the outpatient clinic, admissions and wards, I matured as a physician and learned to apply my theoretical knowledge in a clinical …show more content…

Being an active member of the Literary and Cultural club in my college and having taken part in debates, stage plays and dance competitions has reinforced in me the importance of working as a team. Organizing many cultural events and conferences and leading the college team for competitions in other colleges has instilled in me a great sense of responsibility and validated my ability to be a successful

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