Personal Statement Essay: Why I Want To Be In Life

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Living in hope, with our beliefs, and with little expectation of others is the way forward. My parents, simple and honest human beings, have high expectations of me, wishing that I too, like them, grew up to be an honorable person. Martin Luther King’s life inspires the determined and I agree that to give up on life or stop is deplorable. Irrespective of the hurdles, to push ahead with all one’s might is the only way to succeed. Living this philosophy, my father, a genuine rags to riches story, altered my life, leading by example and encouraging me to follow the path of righteousness.

In school, I excelled in academics and sport. Thus, with a keen and intelligent disposition, I favor the rigorous but systematic discipline of science. A cricket enthusiast, I represented my school in the Harris Shield, a tournament managed by the Mumbai Cricket Association, the city’s local cricketing body. Where cricket strengthened my attitude as a team player, Lawn Tennis helped to amplify my originality and individual capacities. In Junior School, when I made Prefect of the School Student Council, my leadership skills evolved. Displaying an elemental character, naturally bending towards machinery and design, my obvious choice for undergraduate studies …show more content…

Another constant feature in the lives of engineering students is the technical festival. Every year I volunteer with Konvolve, our college fest, and have worked tirelessly in making it a grand success. Conscientious of my moral duties, I’m actively involved with Rotaract, a non-profit service, helping my community and in turn the nation. Through sport and interaction, I continue to work with my friends and colleagues, bringing maturity to my role as a confidante and teammate. Furthermore, even at home my gregariousness has made me a very likable person, and often I’m considered the life of the party at family functions and formal

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