What Are Your Personal Goals Essay

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You get what you work for, not what wish for. Goals aren’t easily fulfilled, you have to work hard at them. Having personal goals motivates a person to become more successful. I strongly believe in setting goals because I feel a sense of accomplishment when I achieve these goals. It will improve their happiness level if they accomplish something great. Everyone should set goals for themselves because they motivate people, they can increase the likelihood of success, and they allow people to feel better about themselves. My three goals that I am focusing on are about faith, academics and ballet. These three goals will help me improve a big part of my life. Goals help people into believing that they can do something important in their life. Don’t ignore your goals, make them happen.…show more content…
You also need to listen in church better. Praying more will help me talk to God more often and help me thank him. I will try to pray before bed, at breakfast, dinner and lunch. Before I go to bed I will pray by my bedside, at breakfast and dinner I will pray at the counter and at lunch we pray before we go to the gym. Praying with someone is great, but for me, praying by myself helps me focus more. Another way I will improve in my faith is going to church every Sunday. I will set an alarm for 10:30 every Sunday so that I get to church on time. Attending church every Sunday helps me relax and talk to God. If my family and I are on vacation we will try to find a church near or pray the rosary. I attend church with my parents, my brother, and a friend if they stay the night. My third faith goal will be to listen more intently during church. I will listen and reflect on the Gospels and apply them to my life. Singing is an important part of this goal because when a person sings, they are thanking and praising God. Having faith goals is important in any Catholic’s life, including my
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