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I strive to be a leader in and out of the classroom. In general, I try to encourage others and provide my help when needed, every day at school. Whether it is helping a friend out in math at lunch or being a leader by example through doing my homework or volunteering in class, I try to lead each day. As well as in the classroom, I strive to be a leader when I play sports. As a three sport varsity athlete, I spend lots of my time on the court and on the field working to better my game and myself. During sports I mainly work to lead through example by not cutting corners and always being respectful to coaches, teammates, and opponents. It is important to show that hard work helps you achieve your goals and I portray that through working hard whenever I have practice or games. …show more content…

It is important to be respectful and play fairly through sports to help gain trust and respect. A leader needs to be trusted and respected to be an adequate leader. One specific example of leadership I have done is through Octobird. This past fall I was one of six students selected to be on the Octobird committee which entailed planning, organizing, and running events that helped encourage school spirit all throughout October. It was a great opportunity for me to grow as a leader in the school by spreading spirit and getting others involved with our school. Being on the committee also taught me a lot about planning and organizing events, something a leader has to do all the time. When I was on the committee I learned to work with others as well as independently work to achieve what needed to be done. I believe that by being on the committee other people saw the commitment I had to this school and to helping

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