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Education: Bachelor of Science, Human Biology University of California, San Diego Cumulative GPA: 3.96 Experiences: Volunteer at the Syrian Researchers Initiative, 2015-present: I translated research articles in the field of biology and evolution from English to Arabic. The goal of the Syrian Researchers Initiative is to disseminate the latest scientific knowledge in the Middle East, simultaneously inspiring and engaging the reader. This experience strengthened my translation skills and gave me the opportunity to interact with scientists from all around the world. Translating articles also expanded my knowledge in microbiology and biochemistry and taught me how to simplify complicated concepts and present them to the average reader. …show more content…

My job entailed reviewing class materials, working on solutions to problems, guiding students in preparing for tests, and providing individual and small group tutoring. Tutoring taught me how to explain the same concept in different ways. This stimulated my creative thinking and motivated me to delve deeper into chemistry and math to help present the material from different angles. I learned that any knowledge is based on basic ideas that, once mastered, make the subject as a whole much easier to understand. Overall, tutoring increased my motivation to learn, sharpened my interpersonal skills, and deepened my understanding of science. It also expanded my social network and exposed me to cultures from all around the …show more content…

Skills & Qualifications: • Ability to work independently and in a team environment. • Solid background in Math, Biology, Biochemistry, and Organic chemistry along with a profound understanding of basic laboratory techniques. • Articulate and detail orientated with the ability to generate new ideas, think creatively, interpret graphs, and solve problems. • Write concisely and effectively, a skill cultivated through writing and publishing articles and short sorties. • Learn quickly and apply skills and knowledge to new situations. • Proficient with Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. • Strong interpersonal, verbal, and nonverbal communication skills. • Plan effectively, follow instructions, and finish required task on time, with a reliably high level of quality. • Openness to new ideas, suggestions, and criticism with the ability to quickly adapt and learn from others. Student Organizations: Principle member, Pan Arab Student Association at UCSD, 2015- present. Director of Communication, American Medical Student Association Club at Mesa College, 2014-2015. Vice President , Tomiki Aikido Club at Mesa College,

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