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Elibah Bey Personal SWOT Analysis To begin, this self-assessment will provide the starting point to guide your next steps in developing a career map. In the quadrants below, please list what you perceive to be your internal Strengths and Weaknesses in your current role, as well as the external Opportunities and Threats that may impact your daily operations. Starter questions have been provided to influence critical thinking; do not limit your responses to the questions provided. Be sure to provide at least 4 to 5 examples in each quadrant.
● What do you currently do well within your role?
● What do others see as your strengths?
● What resources are available to you? Weaknesses
● Where do you have fewer resources than others?
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Positive trends in the business field that will create more jobs
5. Opportunities I could have in the business field by enhancing my education 1. Competitors with superior skills, experience, and knowledge
2. Competitors with better job-hunting skills than I
3. Limited advancement in your field, advancement is cut-throat and competitive
4. Negative trends in my field that diminish jobs (downsizing, obsolescence)
5. Changing market requirements

Outcome List
• It is best for me to pursue and take advantage of every opportunity I have in order seek employment in my career field.
• I will use all of my internal strengths to enhance the pursuit of all my opportunities.
• I need to eliminate or minimize all threats by:
1. Becoming more competitive, learning new skills, and using the experience and knowledge I have to my advantage.
2. Enhancing my job-hunting skills
3. Find ways to advance by using my strengths to push forward
4. Be innovative in my approach to getting hired in my field
5. Monitor changing market requirements, and make necessary adjustments to remain current and relevant by being adaptable.
• I will use all of my internal strengths to overcome all possible

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