Personification In Lord Of The Flies Chapter 1 Essay

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There are multiple symbols within Lord of the Flies, however, the fourth chapter mainly focuses on Piggy’s spectacles, fire, painted faces, and long hair. It is Piggy’s glasses and their reflection that causes the boys to first create a fire on top of the mountain. Without them, the boys may still remain in the dark before finding an alternative way to spark a flame. This makes the spectacles a key survival tool. Therefore, the spectacles represent the progression of technology on the island and the ability to mold nature to man’s will. The spectacles also represent the boys ‘clear sight’. In the beginning, they seem to agree that rules need to be present in order to maintain some sort of civilized manner among them. However, with the breaking …show more content…

“Like a myriad of tiny teeth in a saw, the transparencies came scavenging over the beach.” Simile “The afternoon sun emptied down invisible arrows” Personification “When Roger opened his eyes and saw him, a darker shadow crept beneath the swarthiness of his skin; but Jack noticed nothing.” Personification “The rest were shock-headed, but Piggy’s hair still lay in wisps over his head as though baldness were his natural state, and this imperfect covering would soon go, like the velvet on a young stag’s antlers.” Simile “Instead of remaining and playing, he swarm with steady strokes under Simon and crawled out of the other side of the pool to lie there, sleek and streaming like a seal.” Simile “The smoke was a tight little knot on the horizon and was uncoiling slowly.” Personification “He looked down the unfriendly side of the mountain” Personification “Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood.” Foreshadowing “Taken away its life like a long satisfying drink.” Simile “Before these fantastically attractive flowers of violet and red and yellow, unkindness melted away.”

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