Persuasive Essay About Participation Trophies

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Let’s say hypothetically that you just finished an entire footrace you participated in at your high school. You felt the burn, you’re all out of breath, you tried really hard and you’re exhausted. Yet, your hard work paid off because you made it in first. Well, not really. This other kid went really slow, slower than a snail’s grandmother, and he gets as much praise as you. How come? Everyone ends up getting participation trophies. Now what are participation trophies exactly? Basically, instead of getting regular awards, everyone ends up getting a trophy. This is a practice that has been made for a while now, and is now seen over at public schools. Now, a lot of people may see this as a good thing, and I get their reasoning. But as these claims are not without merit, the outcomes wouldn’t be all fantastic. Some say these trophies could make some students, even the lowest performing, feel better about themselves for being a part of the activity. However, I feel that it could lead to those students putting in as little effort in something as possible as a …show more content…

I’m honestly glad some people’s hard work get paid off in some way, even if they don’t come in first. It’s how these trophies are put into place that grinds m gears. If it’s confined to the younger grades, there isn’t a problem. But if you put it in higher grades, in high school sports teams for example, it becomes an issue that needs to be addressed. You don’t put in as little as possible and expect the world to eat from the palm of your hands. That’s not how sports work, that’s not how the world works, and that’s not how life works. Even if the kids who came in last tried on some level, like they ran out of breath after a while but they really tried to run, then that’s alright. However, you can’t expect to be rewarded through half-baking your way to get a participation trophy. That’s not a winner in my

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