Persuasive Essay: Keeping The School Sports Budget

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Keeping the School Sports Budget
Who doesn 't love the rush of running down the field, the pressure and excitement of a game, or the relief and overwhelming sense of pride that comes along with winning? Or, if you 're the type that eagerly watches from the stands as your school team wins and cheers them on faithfully the whole way through, how could you not love the joy and happiness that comes along with watching your friends and classmates do what they love? But some would argue, what about injuries or less of a focus on academics? Yes, school sports have risks, but are the risks so dangerous that such drastic measures such as cutting the sport 's budgets need to be taken? I believe that the positives outweigh the negatives where school sports, and the idea of stopping their funding, are concerned because of the educational and social benefits they almost always bring about. Daniel Gould, Ph.D., states that …show more content…

Being a part of a school sport also seems to have a positive impact when it comes to life outside of high school. For example, a multi-year study conducted in Michigan proved that children who take part in sports have a much larger appetite for higher education and are much more goal orientated, future and education wise. Athletes have become accustomed to pushing themselves to be the best they can be, and will often apply this drive for excellence into their future. Moreover, kids are also more likely to have higher occupational aspirations and closer ties to the school when they are done with schooling. The perseverance athletes learn through school sports goes a long way toward bringing students better success even outside of their sport and after their time spent in high school.

So, in the end, although it is easy to look at the negative outcomes for school sports, the positives are not to be discounted. Sports leave students with a much easier life a head of them, as they will be used to reaching for their goals, and builds up their confidence and

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