Size Zero Models Research Paper

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Women’s clothing size is used in the US measurement. For size zero, bust is 31.5, waist 23 inches and hips 34 inches, the average size of a British eight-year-old. However, Madrid fashion week decided to ban all skinny (size zero models) from walking on the runway. The World Health Organization considers a BMI below 16 is unacceptable. Nevertheless, during 2007, the British Council that runs London Fashion Week still disagrees with “No Ban on Size Zero Models” (Derbyshine 2007) but the creation of a task to invent guidelines for the fashion industry. They are additionally attempting to urge style architects to utilize sound models on the grounds that there are more than 40 per cent of models could have a dietary issue and anorexia, which made a proposal to advance, and precluded boycott on size zero models (Kettler 2014). Size zero might be the perfect size for modelling and what fashion designer is looking for. As we have seen on the fashion runway of expensive and hi-end clothing brands, most of the models are skin and bones wearing clothes that look too big for them. As of late, numerous models suffer and lost their lives as a result of eating disorders and anorexia. They began to turn themselves to prescription just to fight the body's basic wanting for sustenance. Having an essential physical standard would ensure that youthful…show more content…
Korean Supermodel, Daul Kim reached out to friends for her last boost of support. She was severely depressed. She has another brutal physical fight with her boyfriend, but she was afraid to leave him and suffering with the agony of being apart. She decided to commit suicide by hanging herself in her sumptuous loft in Paris’ tenth aggrandizement. It is not simple to establish out the real reason for committing suicide, then the agency well on the way to be faulty. They asked her to lose weight as fast as she can, misery and overdose of medication. (Davis
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