Persuasive Essay On Animal Abuse

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Animal Cruelty
In the developed human run world, the use of animals has become a debated issue. Animals are often seen as inferior to humans because of their lack of achievements in industry and technology. But, most people can acknowledge that animals can offer companionship and love. Humans have built societies with advancements in entertainment and medicine. So, what is the role of animals today? Some animals are trained and used in the entertainment industry. Other animals are used in medical experiments. And of course, domesticated animals are are kept as housepets- “man’s best friend” after all. However, in all of the aforementioned roles of animals there is always the risk of animal cruelty. It would seem that all people would oppose animal cruelty, but that is not always the case. At what point should the line be drawn: can mice be harmed but are dogs off limits? The ethics behind the use …show more content…

There is no one solution to the use of animal experimentation, because the issue is complex. Animal experimentation provides humans with valuable, life-saving medical knowledge in some cases, but it can also be an outlet for animal cruelty. So, the best way to deal with this issue is to pass legislation that is just as complex as the issue itself. A law in New Zealand and Sweden is good example of this. Both these countries passed a law that requires research institutions to obtain a permit and prove that their research would be beneficial to chimpanzees if they wished to experiment on them. This law is very thorough; the researchers have a hard process to go to and if they do obtain the permit, then their work will do good for chimpanzees. Animals should not be seen as toys to use but as alive resources. More legislation needs to be enacted like this so that animal experimentation is limited, animals are helped, and only the highest quality of research is

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