Persuasive Essay On Foster Care Pros And Cons

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Hey you guys, its Briana again welcome back to my youtube channel. So today instead of doing a challenge or something funny, I want to talk to you about something a little more serious, something more personal. Im going to talk to you about the foster care system and how messed up it really is. Ok so- and later I'm going to have a guest come on the show with me and talk about her own experiences and stuff so that'll be fun ok so. Vulnerable children in danger in their own homes due to neglect or abuse are innocent victims of social breakdown. They are in danger and likely suffer lasting harm if the law does not do something to protect them and provide a safety net or temporary substitute family. For them, a priority should be to provide endangered…show more content…
Almost fifteen percent had the case goals long-term foster care or anticipation. Although goal seems to be an accurate term for giving up on finding families for these abandoned youth, The process of adopting a child out of foster care is shockingly slow, resulting in children becoming less likely to be adopted as the kid grows older. The average length of time and continuous foster care for the one hundred and fifteen thousand children who are waiting to be adopted is 38 months. 44,000 have been in continuous care for more than three years and nineteen thousand for more than five years. Children adopted in 2009 stayed in foster care for an average of fourteen months between termination of parental rights and adoption. Dr. Wade Warren former department of health and human services assistant secretary for Children and Families testified that once a waiting child reaches the age of nine in foster care they are less likely to be adopted. As they grows older compared to their peers they are less likely to graduate from high school, pursue higher education and earn a living wage. But they are more likely to be unemployed, have a child out of wedlock, depend on public assistance, become victim of a

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