Persuasive Essay On Having A Job

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Some say getting hired at any job can be difficult, especially if it considers taking a few risks to work during long hours. Like Russel Honore and Bill Laitner talks about how they risked to not work for anything they were interested in, but who can complain when somebody earns money to take care of oneself? Some people believe that having a job is a privilege, and that anyone should be thankful for having that job even if some of those employees do not like it. Although having a job can be time-consuming and stressful, it is a responsibility to provide for oneself with anything that comes from work. Appreciate a job that can get someone paid for something that they have to do. It is better to work at a place that some individuals are not interested in than not having to work at all. “To work is a blessing,” is what Russel Honore’s father mentioned to him when he was younger (136). Russel Honore, author of, “Work Is a Blessing,” explains why he got a job he did not want, but appreciated it in a way to say it is better served for oneself with anything at any job. Honore also explains how his family lived through poverty during the Depression, and that it did not slow them down to quit their jobs. It was motivation to keep them working hard to have anything at all. As well as Bill Laitner, author of, “Heart and Sole: Detroiter Walks 21 Miles in Work Commute,” covers a story about James Robertson walking to and from work without any complaints about how tiring the long walk
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