Persuasive Essay On Minimum Wage

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$7.25 for an hour of energy, an hour of labor, and an hour of your life you won’t ever retain again. Is it too low? Is too high? Why would people want to their government, provider of protection and justice, to raise the wages for those who do the “little mans” job? According to the research done prior to this paper, yes the government should raise minimum wage. Though in Florida the minimum wage has been set $8.10, it should still be higher even with a $0.85 difference from the average.
Let’s start off with what jobs are the ones to pay minimum wage. The basis of the opposing argument has been the skills needed for which position. Almost every minimum wage paying job in Florida has to do with dealing people and helping them. It goes from being …show more content…

Do people really think it’s fair for the person making sure they get their money to take care of their lives, shouldn’t be able to care for their own? On top of the morality of the topic, Florida gets hit with a lot of natural disasters. So people shouldn’t be able to afford to supply their families with shutters and water because they work at McDonald’s due to “laziness?” No. it’s not right.
Now bringing in what everyone cares about; the finance of the whole scenario. The American economy, with problems of its own, is still the most important and immense standing in the world today. About 20% of total global output is coming from the U.S. Within that powerful economy, is a highly-developed and technologically-advanced services sector, which accounts for about 80% of its output. Areas such as technology, financial services, healthcare and retail are the ones that make

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