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Minimum wage has always been a hot topic for debate. Recently, though, the fire has been fueled even more than usual due to the Obama administration’s proposal for an increase in the minimum wage. The fiscal 2015 budget calls for a raise of the current minimum wage of $7.25 an hour to $10.10. This increase would put minimum wage at its highest level ever, after accounting for inflation. According to a Pew poll conducted in April 2014, over 70% of those surveyed are in favor of this hourly raise. I believe that statistic is high enough to say that the majority of Americans support this idea. Opposingly, I have personally witnessed a more conflicted selection of people. I, as well, am on the fence because I truly see each side of this. …show more content…

One solid argument for this increase is just the basic costs of living. One example of this is that the national average cost of gas is currently $3.38. Though this is $0.09 less than it was at this time last year, this price is still pretty steep. At a wage of $7.25 an hour (before taxes are taken out), you’re working one hour to earn around two gallons of gas. Personally, my car gets anywhere from 26 to 34 miles per gallon, and I could travel to work and back on less than $5.00 worth of gas. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to live under these same circumstances. My point is the minimum wage does not provide a living wage for the average American family. For instance, the average family includes two working adults and two children; each adult in this situation would need to work 68 hours per week to earn a living wage. Even worse off is a single-parent family, where the parent would have to work a whopping 125 hour week to earn a living

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