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Do you remember the classic video game, “Pac-Man?” Well, you’ll now be able to experience this game in real life with a little twist. In this amusement park ride, riders will be driving hovercrafts that look like Pac-Man in a large space that replicates the Pac-Man maze from the video game. Additionally, you’ll have the fun of going against other people to be the best Pac-Man, hence the name of the ride, “Pac-Man Vs. Pac-Man.” While riding you will face many challenges, including ghosts, foam poles, fruit, and your fellow Pac-Man riders. If you don’t do the best at completing these challenges, you will sadly not be the best Pac-Man. It would be such a shame, since the best Pac-Man wins a special edition stuffed Pac-Man. In the beginning of this ride, you will first be getting onto a hovercraft, while another group of people is already in the maze portion of the ride. While getting onto the hovercraft, you will be given a ticket with a number. Additionally, the twenty-four other people will each be given a ticket while getting onto their own hovercrafts. This takes one minute and thirty seconds. …show more content…

You will only have one minute and thirty seconds to do so. Considering the fact that you’d be in a room with twenty-four other people, that might be pretty hard. Furthermore, there will be other ways for you to gain some points in this obstacle. There will be a pair of cherries underneath both of the creepy green ghosts with the red eyes worth two hundred points! The catch is that if you run into the green ghost, you will automatically lose all of your points. If you actually do bump into the cherries without bumping into the green ghost, you will be able to pick up the pair of cherries and use them as projectiles to cause people to accidentally run into ghosts while trying to dodge the cherries. When the time is up, you will drive your hovercraft onto a large conveyer

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