Persuasive Essay On The Crucible

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Religion is the belief in a higher power. It is something people hold onto, hold hope for, and put all their faith in. Government is the representation of a nation and its people; it is meant to accurately represent its people and their models, and beliefs. Theocracy, a religion based government. This is a common question for many people and a struggle for many nations across the country. Religion and government should not be combined because of the damaging effects of genocide, holy war, and terrorism. Genocide is the intentional killing of a large group of people. In the crucible, we see a mass of people hanged for the accusations of others in their community. In the crucible on page 109, Danforth is talking to Mary Warren and states, “You will confess yourself or you will hang.” This is not the first time Danforth has said this to people in the …show more content…

ISIS terrorized for the radical beliefs of Islam and their religion. Recently ISIS carried out an attack in Egypt on Rawdah Sufi mosque in Bir al-Abed. CNN news states, “Between 25 and 30 armed men carried out the assault, and the death toll climbs above 300.” Another ISIS attack happened in Kabul, Afghanistan. On January 4th of 2018 New York Times states that "A suicide bomber working for ISIS attacked a market where shopkeepers were protesting against the police killing 20 and wounding two dozen." Here, again we see two instances where a group of people twists their religion to kill these people and cause terror. This doesn't just happen in the middle east, it happens everywhere. We have seen ISIS countless times in France, South American countries, even the U.S. ISIS wants to take government positions to justify these killings even more. They want these positions to spread this mass chaos, and to stronger their reasons. This is just one of the numerous reasons why religion should not be a position in the

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