Personal Narrative: Stop Child Sexual Abuse

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“Every eight minutes, a child is sexually assaulted in the U.S., and 93 percent know the perpetrator. Many perpetrators of sexual abuse are in a position of trust or responsible for the child’s care, such as a family member, teacher, clergy member, or coach.” (United States Department of Health and Human Services) A child who has been sexually assaulted and did grow up to be an adult usually is brought up with emotions, such as guilt, shame, and/or even blame themselves for what had happened. The individual will feel guilty that they were not able to stop it when it was happening and shame if they felt any psychical pleasure out of it. As they get older, the victim will have trouble with intimacy in relationships--having trust issues because …show more content…

We all need to put our phones down and truly listen to them and their issues. If you don’t start early with your child, they won’t talk to you or come to you when they have problems in the future. Whenever I tried talking to my mom, all she ever did was react and never gave me a chance to actually open up and speak to her. I feel we should all sit with our children once and awhile and have a heart-to-heart conversation-- no matter how old we become. Once the parent starts opening up to them and letting your children open up to you, you will have a better relationship. Adults, parents, etc. need to be there for teens experiencing these type of issues. You aren’t here to be their best friend, you are there to be their parent and to guide them. To help them become the best they can. Once they are ready to go off and explore the world on their own just know you tried your hardest. I feel if we all spend more time with each other as a family there will be less child abuse of any kind. If you do hear something from your child when they are younger and you think it might be sexual abuse, you need to sit down with them and try and get out every detail of what happened, that way you can report it. Don’t trust just anyone to watch your child either. Have a friendly interview with them and see if they are

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