Women In The Bean Trees By Barbara Kingsolver

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When a girl faces discrimination, rape, assault, or abuse sometimes we don’t know how to handle it. We shut down and become a totally different person to hide from the fact that these things have really happened to us. We don’t let people in and we fade away from situations where we think we may be hurt again. Or maybe we're quiet, we don’t tell. We keep to ourselves and just let people guess whats wrong. In the book “The Bean Trees” written by Barbara Kingsolver we see a young girl dealing with the fact that she has been sexualy abused. We also see it in modern day as shown in the two articles “Scotland yard investigates further sexual assault claims in UK” and “National center for PTSD” These articles show how women react after being sexually …show more content…

The fact had already burdened her short life with a kind of misery I could not imagine. I thought knew about every ugly thing that one person does to another, but I had never even thought about such things being done to a baby girl.” (Kingsolver 13) “There was a bruise twice the size of my thumb on it’s inner arm.” (Kingsolver 30) “Yes. I think she was abused, and that she was. ‘I didn’t know how to put this. ‘That she was molested in a sexual way.” (Kingsolver 164)
Sexual assault has become very common in women but not as common in babies, it is a touchy subject to deal with and hard to get over after it has happened to you depending on your reaction.
Women have many different ways of reacting after being sexually assaulted, there is no specific pattern as to what they will do. In the article, “National center for PTSD, ” they explain some of the reactions that happen shortly after the assault and some that occur later on. “Some women may have severe, highly disruptive symptoms that make it very difficult to function in the first month following the …show more content…

In the current investigation on sexual assault at Scotland Yard there are three more possible allegations being held against Harvey Weinstein. This article shows how common sexual assault actually is. “Anthony told the Sunday Times that Weinstein had become a friend after they met in 1982, but in the late 1980s he had raped her at her home in London.” “Smith alleged in the mail on Sunday that in 1992 she was raped by Weinstein in the basement flat below Miramax’s offices in Fulham, southwest London.” “The UK claims follow several more allegations of rape made my actors in the US against Weinstein.”
Sexual assault is very common and very difficult to overcome for most, in another article the girls that claimed to be raped talked about their process of overcoming the claimed assault they all have different experiences and different ways of coping with it again showing how different the reactions can

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