Persuasive Essay On Space Exploration

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Many people think that space exploration is a waste of money. They think that people shouldn’t be looking to the stars and that space exploration is unnecessary. Then there is the people who think otherwise. People from NASA, or people who just in general love space ,want to fund for the cause. They think that space can help the economy improve and that there is more to space than stars and a bunch of planets. They also believe that they will find new resources to genetically modify our society. And they just might get their wishes if people start funding for space travel. Finding cures, new resources, and studying space are only a few reasons why space travel is necessary and why people should do more to fund the cause. Cancer and Mono still haven’t found a cure but, with the help of space travel, people can explore space and find other materials to find a cure for diseases. “Medicine has been revolutionized by the space program. We learned to monitor orbiting astronauts- pioneering telemedicine & leading to unprecedented improvements in patient monitoring”(Fowler, 1). Funding for space exploration could help physicians go into space, test materials, bring them back (if promising), and use them on patients. Also adding to that, “ We would be a much more healthy planet and society, if we stopped warring with each other and wasting precious minerals that we have on this Earth -on- war, we would have more resources to spend on more important things such as daily

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