Essay On Human Mission To Mars

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What does make human mission to Mars beneficial?

NASA unveiled their scheme of manned expedition to Mars by 2030, and it added fuel to the controversy of the question: Should humans explore to Mars instead of rovers or not. It goes without saying that manned expedition is more risky and needs billions of money. However, human exploration to the Red planet excels in its several benefits. Therefore, this essay will demonstrate three aspects of positive result of manned expedition; social changes, capability of human skills and step toward human settlement on Mars.
There is no doubt that reaching to Mars will facilitate several changes in the current human society. Going to the Red planet has been a huge dream of humanity for several decades. …show more content…

Firstly, humans have more mobility compared with that of rovers. Humans can travel a considerably greater distance than robots on Mars. They also do not have to worry about rocks, gullies, or other obstacles, which rovers need more time to step over, or simply cannot. Thus, if explorers find an interesting estate in far and unidentified place from landing site, humans have much more possibility to reach there. (FAQ, 2015) Moreover, rovers will never go beyond what they are programmed beforehand. In the case of emergency, unknown objects or unexpected situations, humans can adjust those situations and create solutions for that immediately, whereas robotic machines can do anything. For instance, Kazan (2009) illustrates a specific example of Viking programs in 1976. This expedition was conducted by rovers equipped with sampling and laboratory system, which can detect life automatically. The results radioed back to Earth were enigmatic, which had chemical reactions unlike anything on Earth. After all, scientist concluded that it was lifeless, but the debate over this took over 30 years. He insisted that if a human biologist or biochemist had examined that directly, they could have learned more and solved this matter

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