Argumentative Essay On Space Exploration

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Space exploration has long been a debated topic. From the days where there was controversy between whether the universe revolved around the Earth, because god made humans special, to whether Copernicus’s idea that the Earth and the other planets of the solar system revolve around the sun was true. Then there was the space race where there was a dilemma based on what was ethical to be produced and sent to space (such as weaponry during the cold war). The more contemporary problem involves the exploration of space and the danger that space debris poses. We must accept however that space is our back-up plan if we were to exploit the Earth to such an extent that we could no longer survive here. If we are to be properly prepared for such a venture we will have to continue space exploration, regardless of the consequences of putting more foreign objects that potentially could pollute outer space.

Topic 1: In ancient times, various cultures interpreted the strange objects suspended in the sky in various ways. Some thought it was just a work of god and accepted it. Others recognized patterns in the ways the objects moved. Thus, astronomy was born. Around 600 B.C. it was accepted that the Earth was not a flat object through the insight of Greek philosophers from looking at the round shadow that the Earth cast on the Moon during lunar eclipses and how the stars seemed to move as one approaches the North Pole. (Larsen, 37). Eudoxus was philosopher known for the idea of a geocentric

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