Persuasive Essay On Space Exploration

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or not... Space. What exactly is space, such a mystery. Full of darkness, planets, marvelous, beautiful, and intriguing. Space is a vast place which few have explored. So why, why do we explore? What’s the point? Space is a vast empty place that has been explored by few. Yet humans have been prioritizing this issue for years now and yet we have not found a place capable of being inhabited by humans. So why do humans continue this knowing that it would take years and years to even reach the planet that humans are hoping to call our own? Our little knowledge about space is what propels us, but it shouldn 't. We should not prioritize space exploration. TIME: Space Exploration is a time consuming process. The closest planet to us which is Mars takes a long 300 days from the closest point in orbit to reach. Just imagine how long it would take to move a whole colony to an even further planet. Additionally, it takes time to build the spacecrafts and train the astronauts. According to the article “Astronaut Requirements” from NASA, it states that in order to become an astronaut, US Citizens must obtain a bachelor 's degree in engineering, biological science, physical science, computer science, or mathematics. This is a very time consuming task that will take 4 years to complete. According to the website Ducksters it claims that “ astronauts have to undergo extensive training and testing before they can participate in a space flight. They must show that they can handle

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