Argumentative Essay: Is Space Exploration Worth It?

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Is Space Exploration Worth it? Do you want to stay here forever? The question of space exploration has lingered inside everyone’s mind since the Space Race and humans looked to the stars. Humankind exploring our interstellar neighborhood in inevitable and beneficial. Starting off, the first reason we are slowly killing our planet, draining it of its resources. For example, mining, drilling for oil, burning fossil fuels, and deforestation. Eventually, we will have no more of a certain resource to harvest. Finding a new planet is necessary to continue the human race in the future. Can we say that the Earth is better off with more primeval forests than with sprawling industrial cities? With teaming diverse species, or just one huge lump of humanity? …show more content…

Alternatively, there are other dangers out there that other systems do face, such as singularities (black holes), gamma ray bursts (bursts of lethal radiation), and possibly hostile life forms (aliens!). All things considered, mankind is resilient, diligent, and with the instinct of survival, anything can be accomplished. New technologies and mapping will prevent losses to the universe. Humans need a new planet to colonize and spread out upon to better support our growing needs. According to Dr. Klein “I believe the same is true about societies, civilizations and governments. Unfortunately, even if the population of the planet never gained even one more person, there really is nowhere on Earth where the political soil is pristine enough to allow for new, maybe better, social/economic/political systems to take root and thrive. Given the present state of the world – with ancient religious hatreds, mega-corporations having global reach, and the internet – there is little room for a single family of hard-core frontiersmen, let alone any kind of new republic.” A new planet could be a new start of some people, escaping persecution and seeking freedom. However, you would need more that a space-faring vessel. Probable requirements would be: More people, water, oxygen (and possibly hydrogen), edible products, and adequate shelter and would be difficult to start something larger than a few

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