Persuasive Speech: Mutations And Space Exploration

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• I want you to stop for your second and look at the person sitting next to you. What you are looking at is the fine result of over 200 thousand years of evolution; the master piece of natural selection, and a perfectly adapted organism to life on earth. • But with exponential grow in technological advances, unpredictable climate change or even space exploration. Have you ever stopped for a minute and tried to imagine how Humans will look like in 1000 years? Central Idea/Preview Statement: • For the next 4 minutes I’m going to explain how nanorobots, UV radiation, selected Mutations and Space exploration are going to dramatically change the way humans are over the next millennium. • For doing so, I will use Dr. Alan Kwan predictions, who holds a …show more content…

(Main Idea): In the words of Stephen Hawking “Sooner or later disasters such as an asteroid collision or a nuclear war could wipe us all out. But once we spread out into space and establish independent colonies, our future should be safe.” We like it our not, the humans of the future will live in the space, and life outside earth might influence dramatically the way we look. (picture colony in mars) • Moving away from the sun, our eyes will need to adapt to ambient with less amount of light. They will considerably increase, giving us a quite exotic appearance (show picture). • The extended exposure to cosmic rays and space radiation might induce mutations never seen before. Maybe a new skin composition or even cells resistant to cancer or other diseases. • In the end of this extra planetary evolution, we might even conquer death by scanning our brains, molecule by molecule and placing all that information into computers. We would then be able to travel at the speed of light, unrestricted by the physical limitations of our bodies and requiring no

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