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Organized sports teams have always been a popular activity for young children. Parents and coaches find watching a child bolt in for the winning touchdown or slide into home base engaging, but what parents do not know is the child may think differently. Parents and coaches that pose overcompetitive standards on young sport games have neither a valuable or pleasant affect on children. Some parents are concerned about the negative impact sports can have on young children. Not only can sports have a physically harmful effect on children, but also a psychologically harmful effect. Many young sports teams have become too advanced and only focus on one goal; winning. Sports should be fun, not forced. ADD MORE IDEAS OF WHAT PAPER IS ABOUT The main reason children play sports is to have fun, but some parents tend to push their child too far. In 2006, the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association polled young players about the behavior they observed at sport games. The results were disappointing. More than a third said they had been yelled at or teased by a fan, fifteen percent said their parents got angry when they played poorly, and four percent said they witnessed out-of-control …show more content…

Parents and coaches are too concentrated on winning that many times very few kids get to participate. Children who develop athletic skills before others are praised while children who are still developing and learning are discouraged from playing. Everyone fears failure, but when a child is constantly observing the game on the bench and not getting an adequate amount of playing time they will lack self-confidence (Ellis). Consequently, many teams lose players that could have had the ability to be a phenomenal athlete if they would have acquired athletic ability and encouragement to continue during their childhood. Winning in sports has become too much of priority, rather than the important aspect of teaching children valuable life

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