Persuasive Essay: We Should Eliminate Sports Teams In Schools

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Most schools in America have sports teams, there are basketball teams, baseball teams, soccer teams and other sports in schools. You can meet new people and make new friends. You also exercise and learn new sports, but are these sports teams interfering with learning in schools? Eliminating sports teams is a bad choice, because it can help students with future jobs, it can help families financially, and it can help kids become athletes to play at the professional level. Schools shouldn’t eliminate sports teams because it can help them in future jobs. Sports help athletes learn leadership, gain self confidence and more self-respect than others who did extracurriculars. Leadership can help you, if you need to lead a group, you can direct others. Self confidence helps people give speeches and it helps you get more involved socially and helps make friends. Hiring managers might want to hire former athletes because they are good leaders and respect others. They might want a person who is good at speaking …show more content…

The amount it might take to join a soccer club or a basketball team. The uniforms you have to buy might be very expensive that you could’ve spent for something else. Most sports in schools are already included to the expenses for school. Non-related school sports also might not teach the same values as school sports do. Kids in schools also might want to play a sport with their friends and if schools eliminate sports teams there might not be an opportunity to play sports with kids you know. Another reason it can hurt families financially is that it might prevent kids from getting scholarships, they can be very important to families who might not be able to afford college for their kid, sports can help kids get to college. Coaches of sports teams might also might lose jobs if schools eliminate sports

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