Persuasive Speech About Class

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And now I ponder...
For starters, I usually make wrong impressions about about people and things. I tend to be very selective sometimes (but in a good way though) So when we were asked to make impressions about the subject, the class, and the professors I pondered... I thought deeply and came up with this.

I.The Subject:

Others ought to assume that this subject is hard or this subject requires blood and sweat,or this my be the reason for sleepless nights throughout the whole semester but I viewed it differently. Its level of difficulty cannot be denied, what everyone else assumed is somehow true but I thought of this subject as a "hurdled race", there may be obstacles along the way, but the ultimate goal is to finish. I see other people 's impression about "research" and they seem scared like its an evil entity I admit I had that impression too, so I told myself: "think on the bright side! this is not the end of the world!" Well.. Year after year thousands of students graduate from college and they all went through the same process I am about to go, they did it! So why can 't I?

II. The Classroom

Within an improperly ventilated room filled with hot air, beamed with the sun 's scorching heat, the noise produced by passers by lies students with
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The Professor

When I first heard her name,it sounded like she was highly educated with booming credentials. I saw her once before and she looked very intimidating to me, she seemed unapproachable. I already assumed that a person like me can 't afford to talk to someone like her, she was one intelligent woman. In class, when we got to know her my impression changed. Its true indeed that she was intelligent, but she wasn 't intimidating at all. Whenever she speaks, I am in awe. Her intellect, her confidence, and her expertise in research is something to look up to. I can feel the warmth of her heart and the sincerity of her encouragements that we can pursue our study. We really need encouragements nowadays and she didn 't
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