Narrative Essay On Pet Animals

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It had taken weeks, perhaps even months, but I had finally done it. I was soon to come into ownership of a pet parakeet. I remember the overarching emotion within me at that time to be eagerness, and in the upcoming days before the fateful trip to the pet store, it ran higher than ever.
Prior to this, I had spent many days and nights pestering my mother to let me get a pet, namely a parakeet. Like many parents when discussing pets with their kids, was hesitant. I remember her vehemently objecting, “I don’t want to have to take care some birds that’ll live for twenty years, especially now that you’ll be going off to college in a few years!” Truthfully, parakeets generally have a lifespan of around twenty years. Compared to humans, that’s practically …show more content…

As gingerly as my arms would allow, I carried the cardboard container to the floor where the cage sat, setting it down in front of the open door. Minutes passed with me cooing the bird, but it didn’t budge from it’s shaded spot. I moved on to enticing it with millet, a treat known by the internet to be a favorite of parakeets, but minutes more passed unsuccesfully. Clock hands followed their usual paths, snickering at my inability to coax the bird effectively, and in the face of the insurmountable enemy of time, I decided to keep an eye on it from the dinner table over a warm meal. Even after a whole half hour there had been no change, however. Despite the spacious, luxurious, clean cage fully supplied with food and water right in front of it’s beak, the bird seemed content to stay in it’s shabby little box. It became too late, and in lieu of my repeated failures, I settled from putting the box inside of the cage for the night. I could only hope that soon it would be comfortable enough to explore. Closing the cage and switching off the lights, I headed to bed to wait for the new

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