Pete Frazier: A Short Story

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When Tilly Maxwell, a wealthy widow and a mother of four, hired Pete Frazier II as her private investigator, she had him monitor her oldest daughter Melissa’s every move. The Maxwell’s lived in a 17,500 square foot mansion that sat on 12-acre estate with an ocean-view in Portland, Maine. During that time, Melissa was a junior in high school and had been secretive about her involvement with an older man. It became top priority to keep an eye on Little Miss Hot To Trot, so Tilly added Pete to her payroll of eight. He came highly recommended by a friend from the country club. For some strange reason, Tilly insisted on calling her newly hired P.J. Pete didn’t care, as long as he earned a decent income since his last two cases had paid very little …show more content…

“Hello. I’m Pete Frazier and I’m looking for Ms. Avery, Ms. Danielle Avery?” Pete asked as he stood outside the screened-in porch. “She’s won’t be home until late tonight. I’m her son, Max. Is there something I can do for you?” “No, but can I leave your mother a message to get in contact with an old college friend?” “College friend? Ah… Ok… sure.” Max said, bewildered. “Here you go. Thanks so much. Nice meeting you, Max.” Pete handed him his matte business card wrong side up with Tilly’s address and phone number written illegibly like a doctor would a prescription. On the front of the thick cardstock, centered in big bold black print—Top Notch Detective Agency, Pete Frazier II, Private Investigator 207 -AGENCY1. “Private Investigator,” Max whispered, “You, too, Pete. I’ll make sure she gets this.” “Thanks again. Have a good day!” As Pete waved and backed away, he noticed Max trying to decipher his writing. On the road trip home, he replayed his conversation and felt something was a little off. By the time he arrived in Portland at the Maxwell mansion, Pete figured there had to be more to Tilly’s wanting to find Danielle, but shrugged it

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